ATI Graphics question...

ATI Graphics question...

Post by Jerry Heym » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

We have several Pentium PCI based systems (from Tangent Computers) that all
have ATI Ultra cards in them.  We're curious as to the difference between
the device drivers listed in 'mkdev graphics'.

The two drivers are called ATI Ultra Pro or Ultra Plus, but one is
Early 92.  Is there signficant differences between the two?

The reason this question is coming about is that we currently have software
that runs cleanly (by that I mean that windows display correctly) on machines
with other video cards (such as: STB Wind/X, ATI Ultra on a VLB, and a
Number 9GXi).  

I was able to make the video 'better' (meaning clearer) by
changing the driver to ATI Ultra Pro or Ultra Plus and setting the
resolution to 1024x768 256 Color, 2MB.  The monitors in question are NEC 5D
and NEC 5FG.

Is there a newer driver for the card than what is included in 5.0.2???


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