OSE 5.0 Printing Woes

OSE 5.0 Printing Woes

Post by Iain McV » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have a bit of a grumble here, along with a question.

When I use the new handy dandy scoadmin tools for setting up remote
printers, and those printers are BSD-LPD type printers, there are

Firstly, when you add a remote BSD LPD type printer, you cannot get at
the Settings->Control menu to do things like 'enable', 'disable',
'accepts' etc.  Not sure if you have to do this, but it lpstat -t does
have some grumbles in there.

Secondly, since these printers are not hosted by sco type daemons, they
should not have the :ex: flag added for them in /etc/printcap.  This
give you errors when you try an lpstat of them.

As to my question, I was wondering if anyone else has tryed printing
with frame on OSE 5.0, and if they have had problems.

I have print queues that work for frame one minute, then not the next.
Right now I cannot get at most of the print queues I have configured.
However, I _can_ access them with a simple 'lpr'.  Sigh.

- Iain -

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