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1. HELP to UNSUBSCRIBE - really NEED it

Dear UNIX world,

        sorry to disturb you again, BUT is any body able (YES, I tried
        info-unix-request for several weeks now) to pull me from the
        list. Perhaps my problem is that me mail account has changed

        out becase in short my account will be discarded (and (?) all
        mails from the list going back to it...).

        For those of you, you will only tell me, that info-unix is not
        the right place for this request, PLEASE print out your answer
        mail you will sent to me an throw it away. If there's is someone
        out you can help: THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE (really!).

So sorry


| Dr.rer.nat. Jochen Manns | (GER)0228/733608                    |
| Universitaet Bonn        |                                     |

| Nussallee 12             | PIB1::MANNS                         |
| 5300 Bonn 1              |                                     |
| Deutschland              |                                     |

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