POP3 Error : Cannot find password file

POP3 Error : Cannot find password file

Post by Nick Water » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00


Currently having problems with pop3 setup on osvr5.04
When trying to telnet via pop3 channel ... get the following error :

Escape char...
--ERR Cannot find password file

I have authck the filesystem .. with no probs reported...

Can anyone help ???



1. pop3 problem: ERR cannot find password file.

Hello, I need some help.

I'm still pretty much a newbie to unix and I've got a problem. A
client's Windows boxes cannot get their email through Outlook. The
error message in Outlook:

The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server.
Server Response: '-ERR Cannot find password file.'. (Account:
'host.name.com, POP3 Server: 'host.name.com', Error Number

They are running SCO Open Server 5.0.4 (but could be 5.0.5). What led
to this problem:

From the Software Manager in scoadmin, I:

1) Removed SCO ppp.
2) Installed mstppp.
3) Installed Internet Faststart assuming it would include Internet
Manager. Internet Manager was the only part of Inet. Faststart that
didn't get installed. Instead I got an error message:

The Internet Manager cannot be installed as a layered product or as
part of a inter-release upgrade. Please consult your release Notes for
further information.

4) Since Internet Manager did not install, I removed Internet

It was at this point people came looking for me because their email
wouldn't work.

I tried to correct the problem by:

1) A reboot of server and Windows boxes.
2) Using scoadmin to configure mmdf. After I set all the options and
hit OK to save and continue, it would hang and I had to kill the
process. I tried this twice.
3) I did a selective restore using Lone Tar and the previous night's
backup tape. I restored everything except /usr/home, /usr/local/share
(their S: drive), and /usr/prologic ( the program and data directory
for their accounting app).

None of this corrected the problem.

I have found that mail (sendmail & mmdf) are working and hosts and
aliases are okay. But when I try to telnet:

telnet host 110

I get this:

Trying (IP addres)...
Connected to host.
Escape character is '^]'.
-ERR Cannot find password file.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Great, seems I found my problem, but I can't seem to correct it!
Permissions  and owners / groups for important files/directories are:

drwxrwxr-x  25 bin      auth        7168 Jun 30 19:17 etc
drwxrwxr-x  30 root     auth        1024 Jun 13 12:01 usr
and for /etc/passwd:

I've been looking on the SCO site and at aplawrence, but am still not
having any luck. What an I missing?

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