Dynamic linker error message on Faststart

Dynamic linker error message on Faststart

Post by Dann » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am running FastStart 3.2v5.0.2 , and am getting intermittent errors.
If I try to run an ls command, I might get and error:
dynamic linker: ls : Cannot map segment 2 for file /usr/lib/libsocker.so.1
If I log out and back in, I am OK again.



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I've just upgraded the dynamic linker to ld.so-1.8.5

(I needed to this for Xfree 3.2 to work)

I got Xfree to work fine so I assume that the dynamic linker is
functioning ...... BUT

my copy of Netscape v2.1 complains that it cant load dynamic linker
'/lib/ld.so' ??

I traced back and I've made the test programs that came with ld.so with
the following results:

etestf  - a ELF 32-bit LSB executable i386 (386 and up) Version 1

  WORKS fine

atestf - a Linux/i386 demand-paged executable (QMAGIC) not stripped

 gives the message cant load dynamic linker '/lib/ld.so' ??

The kernel I'm running is 1.2.13

does anyone have any ideas of what the problem is ???


Pavel Kricka

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