sco & bootmanager

sco & bootmanager

Post by Henry Friese » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have a new (IBM M70) comes with bootmanager (Warp & Win3.11). I would
like to add my "extra" drive that has sco 2.4. Is it possiable to set up
this system to also boot sco when needed? In my old system I would
"install" the unix drive on a need basis.



1. Using BootManager to boot win95 & SCO

Good day,

        I am trying to use BootManager to boot both SCO and win95 on the
same machine.  I used Partition Magic to resize the disk so that the whole
thing wasn't used up by microsoft fluf, then installed bootmanager then
ran the installation of SCO.  To install SCO I had to set the new
partition active.  After everything was in I set the active back to the
BootManager partition and tried to boot sco.  I get the following message

not a directory

boot not found
Stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd(40)/boot

I did some investigating on the net and all I could find was ways to fix
the problem if the boot was corrupted in some way on stand.  I don't
believe it is because if the SCO partition is active I boot just fine.  Do
I have to somehow put a copy of boot on the BootManager Partition as well?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

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