Free-SCO Install (adapter no detect)

Free-SCO Install (adapter no detect)

Post by aconn.. » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to install FreeSco and when I select SCSI CDROM as the
installation source I get a messege telling me there was no host found.
I am using an Adaptec 2920/2905 adapter with a NEC Multispin 8X CDROM. I
have tried boot: defbootstr disable=dptr and was unsuccesful. Also
connected to the SCSI adapter is a 1GB Jaz Drive (if this matters, I
don't know). Any suggestions appreciated.

Aaron Connell


1. Problems installing a DPT adapter in SCO 5.0.4 (new install)

We are installing a DPT Century PCI SCSI adapter into an old machine, with a
Micronics D5CUB motherboard and we are having difficulty having SCO
recognize the adapter.  We removed every other card except for an ISA SVGA
video card.  We have Device 0 as the primary HD, 1 the secondary HD, 2 the
tape drive and 5 the CD ROM with the adapter being device 7.  Both HD are
new and empty.  The configuration utility for the DPT adapter is showing all
devices perfectly.  It's configuration is showing an IRQ of 15 and I/O
address of E000000, which apparently is to be assigned by the BIOS, since
there is no utility or jumper to change it.  In the BIOS we disabled the
onboard IDE ports, primary and secondary.  The onboard floppy is still

The BIOS system configuration screen shows this:
Bus=0 Device No=19 Function=1 Vendor No=1044 Device Id=A501 Device
Class=Unknown PCI Adapter IRQ=NA

We insert the SCO boot disk and get a boot: prompt.
We type 'defbootstr link=dpti5' as per instructions.  (we are using the
latest drivers downloaded off the web)
It asks for the dpti drivers disk and installs them fine.
When it is going through it's devices on bootup, it fails with the

G hd_config

Information is as follows:

%adapter    0xE000-0xE0FF    vector=255    type=dpti ha=0 id=7 PCI v1.11

Error message:

idistributed: Cannot handle interrupts from PCI device
(handler F025B940, device 0/19/1)

Of course DPT's website is throughly useless on the tech support scale, and
what I am thinking is that the BIOS is ancient (10/1/96) and cannot assign
an IRQ to this device.  We have tried clearing the BIOS, resetting the PCI
configurations, different slots, clearing the NVRAM in the DPT adapter; none
of which works.

Are there any other parameters that I can use with defbootstr to assign an
IRQ?  Is the BIOS too old?  Any other tricks that anyone might think of to
solve this?
We do have a request in for an updated Award BIOS :)

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