Porting C++/Motif app from Solaris 2.5 to SCO

Porting C++/Motif app from Solaris 2.5 to SCO

Post by Dan Rasmuss » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I have never touched a SCO machine and have been asked by a
customer to port a C++/Motif app I am developing on Solaris
2.5 to a SCO laptop.  The customer will provide me with the
hardware with SCO installed.  Is there anything special I will
need besides the C++ compiler?  Do I need any development
options installed to compile motif apps on that platform (e.g.
motif libraries and headers)?  

Any helpful hints?  What are the potential pitfalls?

Thanks very much.

Dan Rasmussen


1. ===HELP: How to port UNIX + Motif client/server app to a WWW app ?? ===


I'm interested to find out what might be the best
approach to convert a large Sun UNIX client-server TCP/IP
base C/C++/Motif/Sybase application over to a Web-based

In particular, the client-server app consists of a client-
based X/Motif UNIX app which connects to a database
server application.  The client displays tabular and
graphical data as retrieved from the server application.
The client app makes TCP/IP and SQL calls to the server
which is running C/C++ and a Sybase RDMS.  The server
processes the client requests and then sends raw data
via TCP/IP for the client UNIX workstation to graphically
display with Motif v1.2 calls.

I'm interested in porting the client-server apps to a
PC/Apache + Linux + PHP3 + mySql + HTML environment in
which a Web browser can make requests to the Web server.
The Linux/Apache web server would create and send .gif
images of the data to the browser "on-the-fly". Tabular
data from the server would be sent to the browser via DHTML/
HTML/Java/PHP3, etc.

My hope is that:

1. the Sybase code could be ported to mySQL

2. the client and server C/C++ code could run almnost
as-is under Linux on the server

3. the Motif code could be ported to a freeware/Linux
version of Motif adn run almost as-is

4. the client UI code could be ported to HTML + a server

5. the Motif graphical output on the server could be
converted to .gifs on the server using some Motif -> .gif
converter code.  The .gif is then sent to the browser
per each browser request.

6. ...or some variation of the above or ??

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas/pointers on how
this porting process could be done most easily/quickly
given the different options I might have.

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