Anyone used "Dell Dimension XPS T133C" for SCO UNIX 4.2

Anyone used "Dell Dimension XPS T133C" for SCO UNIX 4.2

Post by Phil Gra » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi has anyone any experience of using a "Dell Dimension XPS T133C" to
run SCO UNIX 3.2 4.2.

A customer of ours has one that hangs every now and then. I don't know
the simptoms (I haven't seen the machine YET!), but I was wondering if
anyone else had had problems with this hardware and could give me a
headstart ...




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Sometime back, I saw some messages regarding Dell Dimension XPS pcs
and linux. Now I am planning to buy a Dell computer with a #9 Motion
(771) video card and a 17" monitor (Sony Trinitron) and would like to
use X as well.

From any one using this configuration, I would like to know how easy
it is to setup X on such configuration. I will greatly appreciate if I
can get a copy of XF86Config file for this configuration. Please email your response at



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