dos 'dir' crashed my SCO box

dos 'dir' crashed my SCO box

Post by David Brian Obren » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

        Our sco box at work has been acting up...
this morning, I compressed a file (using 'compress') and apparently corrupted
it.  I say that, because I couldn't uncompress it later..."bus.0619.Z is not
a compressed file."

Anyway, later on, when I was about to look at some /dev files, I did the

cd /usr/dev

it handled the 'cd' command pretty well, but the dir command froze my terminal
session.  When I finally got over to the other building to look at the screen,
the screen read thusly:

Unexpected trap in kernel mode:
cr0 0x80000013   cr2 0x008006F5         cr3 0x00002000  tlb 0xFFFFF801
ss  0x00000D38  uesp 0x007006F4         efl 0x00010282  ipl 0x00000000
cs  0x00000158   eip 0xF00AB213         err 0x00400000 trap 0x0000000E
eax 0x007006F4   ecx 0x0000003C         edx 0xF012357C  ebx 0x00406681
esp 0xE0000CB4   ebp 0xE0000CCC         esi 0xF11D400C  edi 0xF0110708
ds  0x00000160    es 0x00000160         fs  0x00000000  gs  0x00000000
cpu 0x00000001

PANIC: k_trap - kernel mode trap type 0x0000000E
Trying to dump 4064 pages to dumpdev hd (1/41) at block 0
.............(three lines of dots)
4064 pages dumped

                        -- Safe to Power Off --

I'm much more used to AIX than SCO, and as it is, I'm only an admin in
training for AIX.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hanlon's Razor:
        Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by


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