I am completely stumped...

I am completely stumped...

Post by David Clayt » Sun, 07 Jul 1996 04:00:00

>I am having a interesting problem on one of our SCO 3.2v4.2 boxes that has
>me stumped...
>The system has 32MB of ram and supports 16 terminals via a Computone
>Intelliport Multi-i/o adapter.  The system sole purpose is to run a custom
>designed foxbase app.
>Two problems are occurring, and I am not sure if they are related...
>1)  I continue to get NREGION and NPROC error messages... (table overflow
>messages..)  These are no big deal usually, but no matter how I adjust the
>kernel parameters, I still get the same errors...  I have referenced ever
>piece of  literature about kernel tuning that I know of and I can't
>resolve this...  thoughts?
>2)  Recently some wierd things have been occurring in our foxbase app...
>It seems that something is damaging the index files.  I havetried to
>isolate this problem to something specific, but I have not been able
>to....  We are making some changes to the code, but everything looks in
>order...  I have examined the new code over and over again... The index
>files are not being altered in anyway by the code... only a simple USE on
>them and wham!, it corrupts them....   HELP???
>Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated...  Take care
>Corey A. Johnson, ACE

I recently had a similar problem on an ODT 3 system, an application
had "cannot fork..." with a region or process message, (I can't
remember exactly what it was).

After spending a lot of time adjusting every kernel parameter I could
think of, I found a paragraph in the manual that told me that if the
available resources in the swap space and main memory were
insufficient for the fork, then this message will appear!

Re-installing the system with more swap space fixed the problem.

Regards, David.
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1. I am completely stumped...

You could check your processes when you get the messages - might be a rogue
spawning like mad. If they all look reasonable, you likely need to crank up
some values. Set NPROC to be double the number of processes you're running
when you get those messages, and set NREGION a little over 3 times what
you set NPROC.

There was an ugly bug in foxplus that caused duplicate index entries.
Foxplus 2.1.2d with SLS app336b should fix that ...

Hope this helps -


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