phantom ppplogins

phantom ppplogins

Post by Earl H. Kinmon » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I am using FreeSco as a PPP gateway.  After a variable number of
logins, both ppp and generic, the machine starts refusing to
respond to dialups.  The modem stops responding and attempts to
close the port and reinitialize the modem using disable are met
with "ppplogin is on tty2A."  A ps -ea shows nothing using tty2A.
The last command shows historical processes that have used tty2A
but none of the associated pids are active.

So far, the only way I've found to get out of this situation is
to reboot.

Any ideas?

Earl H. Kinmonth, Kanji Users Service Operation (KUSO!),
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England S10 2UJ


1. HELP: Need sample ppplogin "shells" (sc)


could some kind soul(s) please email me sample (ie, a copy of your)
"ppplogin" scripts (shell scripts that invoke pppd).  In particular,
what OPTIONS to you use on pppd?  Also, are any of you using the
.ppprc in the home directory of the login to do "customizations" and
thus having a "generic" login shell?  If so, could I get you to email
me a copy of one of the .ppprc files you use?



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