OSS449F and Globetrotter Flexlm

OSS449F and Globetrotter Flexlm

Post by David Bro » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Is anyone out there using Globetrotter Flexlm license manager
software (or a product licensed with Flexlm) on SCO?  Have you
installed OSS449F?

Anybody notice any ill side affects of OSS449F with other programs?

We are running OpenServer 5.0.2 and Flexlm 5.12.  After installing
OSS449F (we were previously running OSS449A), we can no longer
get Flexlm to work - there are errors about unable to connect to
the license server (clients connect to the license server, which
may or may not be on the same machine, via TCP/IP sockets, which
is why we suspect a side affect of OSS449F; in our case, the
license server is running on the same machine as the client).

We have tried contacting Globetrotter support, but haven't gotten
a response yet. At this point, we can't say whether the problem
is with Flexlm or OSS449F (or operator error), but I thought
I'd check this group.

David Brown