How can I access NT and Novell files from OSR?

How can I access NT and Novell files from OSR?

Post by arch harr » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

I guess I am really backwards because I am still running UNIX as a
client system.  I am running OSR-5.0.2, but will probably soon upgrade
to OSR-5.0.4 just so I can run merge with W-95.  I want to access
network file systems being served from either a Novell or an NT
system from my UNIX box.  Is it possible and if so how?

Our site has NT and Novell servers.  From NT machines, there
is just a single login using Novell IntranetWare.  This gets
me into my NT domain account and the Novell NDS resources.
Neither the Novell nor the NT machines are configured to support
logins to individual server machines (and I do not control there
configuration).  One can only login to the NT domain or the NDS.

I have tried using both "lmc" (to NT) and "nwlogin" (to Novell)
but without success, I assume because both are oriented toward
logging in to specific servers.  Is there a way to use "lmc" or
"nwlogin" to log into either an NT domain or a Novell NDS?
If not, is there another way to access these network services from

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