SCO Openserver 5.0.4 Hangs

SCO Openserver 5.0.4 Hangs

Post by Rosalina Laurent » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

We posted the following message last week and had a response to install a
patch --- OSF449F.  We installed the patch but it still is giving us the
same symptoms and messages.  In addition, it freezes when we run rcp or ftp.

Does anybody out there have any idea how we can solve this problem?

Since we upgraded our server to Openserver 5.0.4, our system became
unstable.   It's been* without any warning on the console and the
only solution is to do cold boot.  The entries on the syslog each time it
hanged are as follows:

           Sep 25 ftpd[14440]: #2 open of pid file failed: no such file or
           Sep 30 ftpd[3816]:#2 open of pid file failed: No such file or
            Oct 3 ttloop: peer died: Unknown error.
Prior to upgrade, our system has been running on Openserver 5.0.2. and we
didn't have any of these problems.  Our configuration is as follows:
            Server :  Compaq Proliant 4500
                            4 Pentium Processors
                            3Com 3c597 NIC, TCP/IP
                  OS:   Sco Openserver System V Release 3.2 ver 5.0.4
                            (105 users)
                  EFS:  Compaq 5.15
Can anybody help us? Is this a tcp/ip problem?


1. Uucp from SCO Openserver to AIX 4.2 hang

Does anyone have any advice and/or experience with having SCO uucp to and
AIX and having the uucp hang on the SCO side?

The transport is TCP, and it seems that it sporatically hangs during a uucp.

Here is what I have noticed:

1) Almost always there is an attempt for the AIX and the SCO to be sending
files to each other at the same approximate time.

2) AIX box stops with a 'remote file has a lock file from me'

3) hang

If anyone has any advice it is apreciated.


j30 a.t ge o ci t i es  d-o-t  c o m

(sorry, anti-spam measures)

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