Anybody recognoize 'mailserv' package?

Anybody recognoize 'mailserv' package?

Post by Steve Wer » Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Does anybody out there recognize our 'mailserv'er package?  The
system was set up by someone who no longer works here, and he
left behind no documentation on it, where he found it, etc,
and I'm having trouble re-locating it.

It has a psuedo-user/mailbox called 'mailesrv', it's installed in
a directory called '/u/mailserv' and contains files like mreply.rc
mreply.log, mreply.err.  The pseudo-users mail is then piped to
MRWrap (and then to /u/mailserv/bin/mreply) VIA MMDF's .maildelivery
file where it then parses/responds to the message according to

mreply.rc seems to contain its own little language for responding to
mail and composing responses based on the mailed request.  I've been
able to guess at the language enough to get us by, but would like to have
some documentation on the thing.  Or else I trash it and find MajorDomo
or something else for 3.2v4.2 (wherever that is).

Anybody ever seen this mailserver package?  If so, where's the documentation
and the official archives?  Thanks in advance from a mailserver administrator
in training :-(  (Who still knows nothing)

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