Slurp probs.

Slurp probs.

Post by Sam Liddicot » Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I got slurp the 1.1 SCO binary from; but:

Having installed it according to the instructions, slurp constantly
complains that /usr/lib/news/history does not exist.

The directory is world writable etc, I traced the offending line to
history.c where

        if (dbminit (HISTORY_FILE) < 0)

causes the error.  It uses DBZ hashed files, whatever that is.

First I was creating a file called history, but now I realise this
wouldn't help.  My creating it certainly never had any effect.

So where does this history file come from?

Surely it would make it itself, if not does any one have a pair of dbz files
they can send me :-)

But seriously, what gives?


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