passwd troubles

passwd troubles

Post by Bill Walke » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

We are running OSR 5.0.2, 64 user license, on an Altos 17000.  Yesterday
a user reported that he could not change his password.  "Yeah, right!"  I
thought.  Then I tried it.  A script is shown below.    "root" _can_ change
passwords, but a user can't.  

I fired up the Account Administrator from root, thinking there would be
something there, but the Account Administrator cannot find _any_ users
(we have about 500 logins).  The logins were placed (months ago) in the
/etc/passwd file by a Perl script.  We are running "low" security, and the
book claims that "traditional techniques" may be used to create and delete
users.  (paraphrase).

Any ideas ?


----------------------- script below -------------------

Script started on Wed Sep 10 15:14:18 1997
cs3: [15:14] 19% passwd
Setting password for user: bw
Old password:
Last   successful password change for bw: Tue Sep  9 13:17:33 1997

                Choose password

You can choose whether you pick a password,
or have the system create one for you.

        1. Pick a password
        2. Pronounceable password will be generated for you

Enter choice (default is 1): 1
Please enter new password (at least 1 character):

New password:
Re-enter password:
passwd: resource: /etc/passwd-t could not be allocated due to: Cannot securely create new file
Password cannot be changed; see Account Administrator

script done on Wed Sep 10 15:14:50 1997

Bill Walker


1. passwd trouble

I don't know when this started happening (I don't change passwords
often), but now when I try to change my password it does the

Changing password for blah.
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: cannot set password cipher: Undefined error: 0
passwd: /etc/master.passwd: unchanged

I have no idea when it started doing this, it could be anywhere
along the way as I've probably cvsup'ed and rebuilt about a dozen
times since the last time I changed my password.

(maybe) relevant info:
4.5-STABLE system
login.conf has 'passwd_format="md5"' for default
I tried deleting that line to no avail
make.conf has NODESCRYPTLINKS=true
/usr/bin/passwd is owner root, setuid
Adding a new user works perfectly fine, but I can't change that
user's password once I create it.

Any help is appreciated!

Matthew L. Creech

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