SCO5 P166: Floppy activity locks sytsem

SCO5 P166: Floppy activity locks sytsem

Post by Heinz Wittenbeche » Tue, 21 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm building a new system:
P166, 64mb, 512 cache, Adaptec 3940W, Seagate Wide HD's

Floppy worked ok for initial load and works ok for dd.

However, to load the patches or new software via floppy, no go.
The system locks immediately the floppy is accessed.

(I have to use dd and then media image to load anything after the initial

mkdev fd emergency locks if I try to format the floppy as part of the
process. Formatting first and then skipping the format, the floppy works

Any ideas hints greatly appreciated.

TIA - Heinz

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