New or Revised TAs on websco, 960106

New or Revised TAs on websco, 960106

Post by RadleyRob » Mon, 08 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's site on 960106.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

PROBLEM:  What is Support Level Supplement (SLS) OSS422A and
          how do I install it?

PROBLEM:  I see the following message on the console when I am
          using SCO TCP/IP:

                notice: tcp sum src C009C2E9, sum 00400301

          The src and sum fields change.

PROBLEM:  Occasionally, the console gets a "notice: tcp sum/src" error.
          Is there a way to turn off these error messages?