SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite32 driver on SCO 3.2v4.2 and AST Premium SE 4/50

SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite32 driver on SCO 3.2v4.2 and AST Premium SE 4/50

Post by Edward Hooper » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have tried to install the NIC mentioned above but when the new kernel boots
it corrupts my EISA configuration.  I called AST and was told to avoid a
certain range of addresses, but I don't know which address are actually being

Has anyone had similar problems?


  SCO OSE 3.0 (Unix 3.2v4.2)
  SMC-SCO LLI 3.4 Superdisk
  AST Premium SE 4/50
  SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite32 (8033W)


Edward Hooper

"Where connectors come from!"


1. SMC Elite32 (8033W) on AST & SCO woes

I have an SMC Elite 32 dual channel ethernet adapter (8033W), an AST Premium
SE 4/50 (model 33), and SCO OSE 3.0 (Unix 3.2v4.2).  The problem: this
combination corrupts my EISA configuration when the SMC supplied drivers load.
Under MS-DOS 6.22/Win3.11, I do not have this problem.  SMC says it's a virus.
If so, it would most likely appear under DOS than Unix.  AST just doesn't
know.  I haven't contacted SCO, but they would (probably) refer me back to

(Pass the buck logic...)

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there an inherent incompatibility
between SCO, AST, and SMC?  If it is a virus, how do I check the SMC driver?
(The SMC driver because I only have this problem when the SMC driver is

If on the off hand chance that there is nothing I can do, is anyone interested
in trading an SMC dual-channel EISA ethernet board for another brand?

Edward Hooper

"Where connectors come from!"

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