FS: Specialix MTA/M XIO 8port, $150ea in qty

FS: Specialix MTA/M XIO 8port, $150ea in qty

Post by DVeg » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

We have a liquidation of this product.  Brand new units in retail boxes.

Pricing is:

$200ea for 1+

$175ea for 10+

$150ea. for 25+

Only 80 pieces left.

If this is not the correct newsgroup, I apologize.  I thought that it was
a good enough deal to be tolerated.  

Thank you

David Grohowski
D'Vegro Computers

1-919-848-9969 (Raleigh, NC)
1-800-9-DVEGRO (Within U.S.)
1-919-848-2172 (Fax)
Qualified P.O.s accepted


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I am a newbie with Linux and I was wondering how I might go about
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I have downloaded the sidrv.taz file and run through the update
procedure but it bombs out pretty early - the patch command doesn't
succeed. Looking at the readme it seems to want the 2.1 kernel rather
than the 2.2 kernel. Is there an update for this yet?

Chris R.

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