Problem executing filesystem manager

Problem executing filesystem manager

Post by Bill & Jean Zimmerma » Mon, 09 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I get the following message when I try invoking Filesystem Manager:

Could not get authorization data for Filesystem manager.
vaphilpa failed to connect to vaphilpa.

Please check the following:
   * your network configuration
   * your network connection
   * rhost permissions on the remote site
   * that SCOadmin is installed at the remote site
Failure with connection to server.
Remote child on machine has terminated.
The child program /etc/sysadm.d/bin/osaserver has terminated.
Server process exited with exit(1).
Error with server process: Unknown host

The cause was probably changes I made to APFS and TCP/IP to conform to
local standards.  
I restored the original configuration causing the error shown above.  I do
not know where
the host name ending with "" originates.  I viewed all of the options
under netconfig
and made any necessary changes.  I removed all references from the files in
/etc that would
have contained this string (grep '' /etc/*).


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BTW: The system is installed using Compaq Smartstart 3.30

Any ideas?


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