SCO Install/Preserve Old System

SCO Install/Preserve Old System

Post by Brett Turcot » Sun, 26 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Just got the Free SCO OpenServer, and I'm trying to install it on my system.  
I've got the EIDE stuff*ed (score one for the good guys!), but I want to
keep my current system setup as much as possible, and boot SCO from System
Commander.  What I have now is

3 EIDE Drives (Drive 0 and 2 are 2.1GB, Drive 1 is 1.2GB, drives 0 and 1 are
on IDE controller 1, Drive 2 and CD are on 2), FAT partitions, 1 primary and 1
extended on each drive, with the extendeds further partitioned into logical
drives.  I'm running multiple OSs (DOS 6.22, Win95, NT3.51, NT4.0, OS/2 and
Linux), and I'd like to install SCO to drive 2 in its own partition.  However,
I can if needful scrape together 'bout 300MB disk space on drive 0...any
thoughts, comments, etc.


Brett Turcotte

Life is hard.  Then you die.  Then they throw dirt in your face.
Then the worms eat you.  Be grateful it happens in that order.


1. Missing a serial number for SCO OS 4.2 (old-old-old...)

About a week ago in a local computer recycling store I picked up a full
box of SCO OpenServer 4.2. It looks like all the floppies are there, as
well as manuals. I have an old PS/2 System 70 I would like to install
this OS onto, since Linux is not very big on MicroChannel, and I also
don't have a CD-ROM drive for it. But almost all the way down the
installation I was asked for a "serialization card" and then realized I
don't have one in the box. Can anybody help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I hope the numbers are not hard-coded for each set of floppies...

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