Oleo for SCO unix system V

Oleo for SCO unix system V

Post by Bruce C. Goodso » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I need a copy of Oleo for SCO Unix System V, but i do not have the
compilers on my system to compile the shareware copy.

If you have a compiled copy for SCO and will share it with me, please
e-mail it to me in a zip file.

Bruce Goodson


1. SCO UNIX v3.2.4/SCO Merge v2.2.0 - Hangs system when using COM2

Using Merge and attaching COM2 (+acom2) I can successfully use DOS apps
requiring a modem.  However, when the modem hangs up, the whole system
hangs.  All terminals, console, everything.  Flipping the modem power on
and off will unlock the system.  I've tried every conceivable DTR, DSR
and CD modem setting (&D#, &C# and &S#) but to no avail.  UNIX apps can
utilize the modem no problem.  I've also tried using the non-modem
control device driver (tty2a) but it makes no difference.  Please e-mail
a duplicate response.  Thanks!!!

Troy Brimm

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