Problems reading CD-R under SCO OpenServer Enterprise V5.0.2

Problems reading CD-R under SCO OpenServer Enterprise V5.0.2

Post by Degenhard » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone has the same problems fixed?

We are using the SCO OpenServer Enterprise Version 5.0.2 on a Standard-PC
with an Adaptec SCSI controler (7870 or 1542CP) and a Plextor SCSI CD-ROM
(PX-12CSi) or/xor a player from Toshiba (XM3801TA).
We know they are not on the HW compatibility list of SCO, but as you know
it is very
difficult to get those oldies :-).

We have no problems reading "printed" CD-ROMs e.g. the one with the
operating system.
But we can't read a CD-R(ecordable) we or another one have "burned".

To fix the problem, we have tried and changed crosswise the writer HW (HP
4020i, YAMAHA,
Ricoh), the media (YAMAHA, sev. SONYs, FUJI) and the writer SW (EasyCd Pro,
cdwrite under Linux, SW from YAMAHA). We have made some investigations to
test the  
correctness of the SCSI bus termination and the functionality of the CD-ROM
(no problem reading a CD-R under Windows95 !), but we always got the same
results under
the SCO operating system:

1) The command "cksum /dev/cd0" prints the error message
        cksum: Fehler beim Lesen der Daten von /dev/cd0: E/A-Fehler (Fehler 5)
    This message is in German, translated:
            cksum: Error reading data from /dev/cd0: I/O-Error (Error 5)

2) Because we can mount the cdrom and traverse the directories on the CD-R,
we tried to
    read the files on it. We found out that we can read (or cksum) some
files and some others
    not. The error message is the same as in 1).

3) The program "custom" (we want to make some installations with the CD-Rs)
terminates with
    an error message like the one in 1).

We suggest the problem is in the driver of the SCO operating system which
probably can not
handle all messages from the "new" CD-ROM player while reading a CD-R !?

Please write me any solutions or hints to find out what is going wrong.

Thanks in advance,
Juergen Degenhardt


1. Problems reading "small" CD-R under SCO OpenServer V5.0.2

Some times ago I asked here for some help because I had problems
reading CD-Rs under SCO OpenServer V5.0.2 . Since then we have done
a lot of investigations changing almost everything: the media, the writer
the writer SW, the player HW -> always the same effect: there were
always some files on the CD-R which we could not read.

And then the solution arizes!!!
We doubled the size of the image before burning the CD-R from 11 MByte
to 22 MByte and we had no more problems since then.

So it seems to me that SCO has some problems reading "small" CD-Rs
and the "size limit" must be between 11 and 22 MBytes.

Can you please give me any response to verify our investigations?
It's ok to have a workaround, but it's better to know the reason.

Thank you very much!

Juergen Degenhardt

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