OSEnterp 5.0.5 and DLT drive DEC TZ89

OSEnterp 5.0.5 and DLT drive DEC TZ89

Post by amab.. » Sat, 11 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

OS Enterprise 5.0.5 and SCSI DLT drive DEC TZ89 (35/70)
I would like to know if this drive is supported in 5.0.5 at command
level without ArcServe. I looked for in the web site and it is SCO
certified for "SCO5.0.5, Release ARC serve 2.2."
If it is, what is the right procedure to install it?

I'm trying to install the DLT drive in an AcerAltos12000 . This server
has an Adaptec blad driver on board and the DLT is connected to it at
ID 2, Bus1. Also this configuration has a DPT V as raid controller
working with no problems up to now.

The tape apparently is proper recognized at the boot time in this id
and this blad adapter.
Also at SCSI Bios level is OK listed with proper vendor ident.
The drive is proper terminated.
And it is on line.

I followed the following procedure:
mkdev tape
driver prefix: blad
bus : 1
scsi id : 2
LUN: 0
Vendor ID: DEC
SCSI version: 2 (I tried also the default)
Response Data Format : 2 ( I also tried the default)
Generic SCSI ( also tried DAT drive)

Anytime I try to use a command (cpio, tar...) the following is
"cannot open </dev/rStp0> for output"

Any help will be deeply appreciated . I'm in a hurry with this.
Thanks in advance


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