Bad boot disk (installation disk2)

Bad boot disk (installation disk2)

Post by Bitterlich, Matthias R.H » Sat, 08 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I can't install UW 7.0.1 promo for the installation programm doesn't
recognize the 2nd boot disk.
I made two boot disks from those images contained on the CD, but it
still wouldn't work.

What shall I do, or what is wrong?

Best regards, Matthias Bitterlich


1. Install RH7.1 on disk2, NT4 on disk1, boot only from floppy on disk2 (linux)

I would like to achieve the following:
1. I have two hard drives (EIDE): C and D
2. On C I have WinNT4SP6a
3. On D I want to put RH 7.1
4. I want my PC to boot automatically on NT (no lilo, nothing;
basically I do not want drive C to be "touched")
5. Iff I wish, then using a floppy I will boot onto D and Linux
6. Linux and NT will share nothing

Is this possible and how? I was thinking of disconnecting C: while
on D: and then following FAQ to boot from floppy on hard disk.

Kind regards,
Petros Dafniotis, PhD

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