System timer on SCO OSE 5 is fast

System timer on SCO OSE 5 is fast

Post by Edward Hoope » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Here is the problem: the system timer on my SCO system (OSE 5/Unix
3.2v5.0.2) is fast.  Not just ahead of the real time clock by a few
seconds or minutes, but after 30 minutes it is ahead by an hour.  After
an hour it is ahead by 2 hours.  The real time clock is fine.  It hasn't
gained more than a few seconds in the course of months.  The only time
when the rtc is off is when cron resets it using the system clock as the
'acurate' time.  I have since reset cron so setclk uses the rtc to
adjust the system clock.

One person suggested that the timing chip may be bad.  This would be
true IFF the rtc was being affected (which it is not) or the rtc uses a
different timeing mechanism than the CPU (which I susspect is the
driving force behind the system clock).

What is truth?


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