Openserver 5.0.2 Hangs

Openserver 5.0.2 Hangs

Post by Paul Mullon » Sat, 11 Nov 2000 08:37:37

Haveing a problem where the system boots and stops just after the main
hardware configuration display. Booted from unix.old and it still hangs.
Have booted from the root/boot disks and ran fsck on the system but I still
get this problem when I reboot.

Machine spec:    AST Pentium 166Mhz
                          16MB Ram
                           Adaptec controller
                           SCSI 1 GB HDD and QIC tape drive

Any help would be appreciated.



1. OpenServer 5.0.4 Hangs

We had just upgraded our Compaq Openserver 5.0.0 to SCO Openserver
5.0.4.  After a day, the system hanged --- none of the I/O devices
works, you can not even type anything on the console.  The only thing
that we can do is to do a cold boot.  In the /usr/adm/syslog, the last
entry that we have is:

CPU3: WARNING: soreceive: unexpected message type x00000083
CPU3: WARNING: soreceive: not M_DATA, found 131

WARNING: soreceive: unexpected message type x00000083

WARNING: soreceive: not M_DATA, found 131

We continued using the system but after two days, it hanged again with
giving us the same error.

Our server is a Compaq Proliant 4500 with a quad-Pentium 133 MHz CPUs
and 896MB of RAM.  The 2GB system drive has two equi-partitions.  It
also has a 3 hard drive in RAID-5.

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