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I am in big troubles. I have Compaq Proliant 5000 with 2 Pentium Pro
166 MHz, 128 Megs of Memory, 4 x 4.2 Gbyte disks with Smart2/p
controller. Also a Netflex3/p NIC. The disks are configured as one
logical volume raid 5 with no Hot Spare. On top of this, I have Open
Server 5.0.2 with SMP and Oracle Workgroup Server 7.3. I am also
runninc RM/COBOL applications. A few time ago (1 month) I increased
the Buffer Cache to 39 Mbytes as SCO DOCTOR advised me. In fact, this
memory was not in use and the disks were. I had to change manually the
PLOWBUF (buffers bellow 16Meg) to 10, so the system dont show me a
warning saying it can't allocate the configured low bufs. Since then,
the machine is PANICiing regularly. I already did a patch through _fst
to the APIC driver and upgarded to the latest BIOS from compaq. I also
upgraded to the latest EFS from Compaq (5.13c), but the machine still
panics. Unfortunately, I can't see the register dump. Each time I am
writing it, the machine reboots.

A good thing that happened after all the upgrades, was that I am now
able to run AFPS over netbeui on the Compaq NIC.....

Is there anybody with a GOOD ideia of what can I do ???????


MemoSis - Sistemas Informticos, Lda.


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