Can't Login via Modem Since 5.04C

Can't Login via Modem Since 5.04C

Post by Marshall Hollister-Jone » Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:00:00

I installed the 5.04C Supplement on our 5.04 machine (Acer Altos 300)
hoping to get faster logins speeds over the modem. (Motorola Lifestyle
28.8). However I couldn't seem to get the serial manager to increase the
port speed of tty2A over 38,400 so switched the modem to tty1A and
installed with the modem manager, running at 57600. Dial-out works fine.
When I dial in sometimes I get a login prompt and sometimes I get a connect
message and then a string of garbage, with no login prompt. It looks as
though uugetty is starting. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the
incoming modem line is monitored, and uugetty will start if a uucp
connected is apparent on the incoming line. How do I disable this?

ACU tty1A - 57600 Motorola_Lifestyle_288
Direct tty1a - 57600 direct

Se1A:234:respawn:/etc/getty -t60 tty1A p


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After a crash, login via my modem on ttyS1 won't work. I get the login:
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If I do a ps I can see that login has a ? for it's tty. So, it looks like
login is not getting the tty from getty.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance.

-Howard Pfeffer-

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