Virtual Disk Manager

Virtual Disk Manager

Post by Robin Fujimur » Sun, 28 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to test out my Virtual Disk Manager configuration. I am using
Openserver 5.0.4. I've setup the mirroring of the boot, root and swap
partitions. I also setup a mirrored partition for my u filesystem. Part
of the procedure involves converting the /u filesystem into a simple
partition. I tried removing the primary (SCSI) drive and reconfigured
secondary drive to be the primary. My system boots up and complains
about the virtual drives, which I expect. However, I'm not able to "see"
the /u filesystem anymore. Trying to run divvy or look at virtual disk4
lock up the system. Anybody have this setup running? Would GREATLY
appreciate any assistance.

P.S. I've looked through SCO Technical Articles with no luck.



1. Virtual Disk Manager config prob...

I am using 5.0.2 and VDM 1.1.0
but am unable to get any RAID options when accessing VDM.
When accessing menu option New===> Disk  only virtual disk options
are stripe, concat or mirror.
Do I need a supplement of some level?
Is there a missing licenced option?

Can not find any info on the SCO site.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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