OS5 'All licenses are in use' but aren't

OS5 'All licenses are in use' but aren't

Post by Chris Trave » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

: We've been getting this aggravating error on a fairly regular
: basis for what appears to be no good reason...

: We have a five user licence for our OS5, and only 3 people
: in our office.  After some time, this error shows up.  I am
: tired of rebooting when this happens, as it shouldn't ever
: happen.

: Does the licencse manager count 'warm bodies' or just the
: number of logins?  I might be logged on to the console
: under scologin with several xterms going - does that
: affect it?

: I havent been able to find out anywhere (esp. from SCO)
: any details on this problem.

I have had similar problems. I think it was the xterm options I was using
to simulate a login session. "xterm -ls" will do it I think. You might want
to play around with that a bit. Can't seem to remember if that was what
fixed it or not... sorry.

Chris Travers

: Thanks for any help.
: --
: Ray Tripamer


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