PPP direct (starting/stopping)

PPP direct (starting/stopping)

Post by Mike Woodin » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have two systems (OE R5) connected by a serial cable
 (tty1a->tty1a) and have configured a dedicated ppp link
 over this path ( A <-ppp-> B.)

 It seems to run well enuf and as expected, excepting if
 tcp is halted (as in a reboot) on one or the other side
 it seems to require a little "poking" to get it restarted.

 If for example I leave a ping going on system A, and
 stop tcp on system B, the ping (from A) stops reporting
 responses as expected. But when I restart tcp on B, the
 ping (from A) still does not get responses.

 If however, I initiate some action from B to A, (like a
 ping), both A and B begin to report responses normally,
 and all seems well again with the world ... or at least
 with A <-ppp-> B.

 Is this expected behavior ... i.e. the way it's supposed
 to work or have I configured something not quite rightly?



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Is there some way to get a net (in this case ppp) install to
restart where it left off? I'm having trouble holding a connection
for long enough, or else the install process stalls and has to
be interrupted and "awakened". Control C is acknowledged very
slowly and although it allows me to restart the download, it
always starts from the beginning, not where it left off.

Control Z seems to be ignored, is there some other way to
wake things up?

The stall does not seem to be the net, it's internal to the
software running from the boot floppy; ping can run in the
background with good turnaround time.

thanks for any idea!


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