cdrom mount problems

cdrom mount problems

Post by Georg Schroe » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00


i have problems to mount a cdrom under SCO Open Server 5. The drives
are Toshiba 3701B connected to an Adaptec 2940. I have configured 2
cd-rom drives (cd0 and cd1). When i try to mount the Windows 95
cd-rom, it works fine, but with other bibliographic cd-roms it is not
possible to get the cd's mounted under sco.

Under version 3 i didn't have these problems, and also the access
through MSCDEX in DOS-Merge works fine. I have tried to mount it by
the shell and also by entering the filesystems data in

The filesystem on these cd-rom's is definitly ISO9660. When i try the
mount i get an error, that fstat could not determine the ISO9660
filesystem (same with HS-filesystem).

The final error-code is 66.

I have build HS-filesystem into the kernel. I have tried all the mount
commands for cd-rom's from the man pages - they didn't mount these



1. Solaris2.7 cdrom mount problem!!


mounted cdrom on Solaris2.7, then file named DOS mode (8 digit . 3 digit) .

I want to correct it!

So, I think that mount Option must be changed except hsfs.

if it is good,
    tell me the Option,
    tell me another method please!

Thank you!

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