Perl 5.004_04 with dynamic loading under SCO OS 5.02

Perl 5.004_04 with dynamic loading under SCO OS 5.02

Post by John C » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

If anybody is interested, I have also successfully compiled PERL
5.004_004 with dynamic loading under SCO OS 5.02 .  My version uses
the vanilla sources found on the CPAN archives and compiles a little
easier than the Celestial version.  If you want more information (such
as the file I used) visit:


1. perl 5.004_04 SCO OS5.04 DynaLoad and %ENV

I am attempting to use Perl and Mysql.
I tried cc icc and gcc.
I am currently trying gcc 95q4 from skunkware.
If I build, DynaLoader loads Mysql and mysql functions
but perl test op/magic.t fails. $ENV{PATH} returns nothing.
This is verified by running:
perl -e 'print $ENV{PATH};'
which prints nothing.

If I Configure to NOT build, %ENV works properly, but all
tests that load modules fail.

I have searched DejaNews and found nothing.
There are tons of Configure options, but since I can load modules and
access MySQL databases,
I must be close.

Does anyone know what is going on or have a working I can look
Again - Perl 5.004_04 SCO Open Server 5.04 cc, icc or gcc.
Won't pass make test
Either Won't load modules, or won't return ENV variables.


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