SCO OSR5.0.0 and SMP performance problem

SCO OSR5.0.0 and SMP performance problem

Post by jescobed » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have a performance problem on a dual Pentium II 233 machine
running SCO and SMP.  With both cpus enabled the performance
degrades to the point that it is slower than the single CPU mode.  I
the oss468a, as well as the rs500d and net100 patches.

The machine is a dual pentium II GIGABYTE motherboard
with 120 meg of RAM

with three 4.1 GIG SCSI harddrives

AN SMC 10/100 net card

I would appreciate any help on any configuration information I might
have missed

Thank you,

Jose L. Escobedo