Creating a bootable Disk from a removable SCSI Disk

Creating a bootable Disk from a removable SCSI Disk

Post by Patrick Sh » Mon, 17 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        I recently loades OSR 5.02 onto a removable SCSI disk so  that
I could port the system to some hardware frames that I am building.
How do I created a copy of the removable disk on the permament hard
drive in the frame???

Patrick Shaw


1. Q: disk copy to create bootable disk

This is only a linux question because I am using linux to do the copying
and assume that linux will provide the solution to a problem.

I want to move my NT system from a 1 Gig disk to a 20 Gig disk, so I
thought I might try to simply copy everything byte for byte to an
identical partition on the new drive (and eventually use the rest of the
drive as a second disk letter).

I copied the 1 gig NT disk to a 20 gig disk using a simple

        cp /dev/hda /dev/hdb

(while running linux).

I get an error eventually while reading hda, but nevertheless when I
reboot NT then I find that the second disk has a partition identical to
the first disk, and all the files are there, on the disk, all readable and
everything (cool!).

However, the disk is not bootable.  I did the cp twice.  Once I examined
the disk using NT first, and the seocnd time I tried to boot without first
looking at the disk using NT in case NT had done anything to the disk when
I examined it using NT.

What is it on the first disk that I must copy to the second disk to make
it bootable?

I know I can use `dd' to copy individual sectors, but I assumed that
simply cp'ing the entire raw disk would copy all the necessary boot sector
stuff.  Obviously I do not understand something here.

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