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>Does anyone know where to find PPTP sowftware for SCO 5.0.5

Want to use PPTP on M$.  See this first:


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1. How to tunnel ip over GTP (GPRS Tunnelling Protocol)

I want to tunnel ip traffic over GTP, for eventual delivery to a mobile
device (e.g. mobile phone), but I have no idea how to do this and would
appreciate some pointers. GTP is a 3GPP protocol that encapsulates ip in
UDP packets.

My first thought is for individual GTP tunnels to appear as linux network
interfaces, similar to the standard GRE tunnel implementation, so that I
can take advantage of the linux routing and traffic control features.

Unfortunately I have no idea how I'd implement a tunnel (e.g. do I need
to create a kernel module) and can't find anything describing how to do
it, although I've found lots of things on how to configure one of the
existing tunnel implementations.

I may also be completely wrong and there may be a much easier way to do it
(e.g. using netfilter).

I've read the usual linux networking howtos (linux networking, advanced
routing and traffic control)

Any advice appreciated.


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