CONFIG: Only 0 Sdsk SCSI devices configured (unit 1 missing)

CONFIG: Only 0 Sdsk SCSI devices configured (unit 1 missing)

Post by Elie I. Moura » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

How to fix this annoying message when i boot into multiuser mode.
Everything seems to work fine.

CONFIG: Only 0 Sdsk SCSI devices configured (unit 1 missing)



1. No Sdsk SCSI devices configured (unit -1 missing)

The following is a summary of the steps we had to take to resolve
problems in loading SCO UNX 3.2v4.2 onto an Everex laptop. The procedure
was based largely on suggestions from Bela Lubkin (much thanks Bela!).


We had a notebook computer on which we needed to install SCO UNIX
3.2v4.2. Our copy of SCO UNIX is actually a full set of 3.2v4.0 plus the
4.1 & 4.2 updates (MSv4.1 & MSv4.2).

We were unable to install the software with either the N1/N2/M1
diskettes that came with the 3.1v4.0 software or the MSv4.1 update (our
copy of MSv4.2 had been downloaded without the N1, N2 or M1 diskettes
images). The installation software was unable to locate the hard disk.

SLS UOD429A was required in order to overcome the hard disk access
problem. Unfortunately it included a modified 4.2 N1 disk which would
not work with N2 disks from either 4.0 or 4.1.


A. Create copy of 4.1 N1 diskette (from MSv4.1).

B. Copy /boot & /unix files from UOD429A N1 disk to the copy of the 4.1 N1

C. Boot using modified 4.1 N1 disk and stock 4.1 N2 disk.

D. Install 3.2v4.0 Basic and Extended Utilities.

E. Install MSv4.1 (4.1 update).

F. Install MSv4.2 (4.2 update).

G. Shut down SCO UNIX.

H. Continue as per UOD429A cover letter (beginning a step 4) as outlined in
   the SCO TA titled "After installing using SLS UOD429A, the system won't
   boot from the hard drive". Follow the instructions as per the TA
   except to boot from the modified N1 diskette instead of the UOD429A
   4. This section is for information only.
   5. Boot from modified N1 diskette using boot string "fd(64)unix      
      root=hd(40) swap=hd(41)".
   6. Enter system maitenance mode and install UOD429A using "custom".
      Relink kernel and rebuild environment when prompted. Shutdown and
      boot from the hard disk.


UOD429A requires a 4.2 system (you may be able to run with the existing
kernel but will be unable to relink the kernel).

MSv4.1 is downloadable from the SCO FTP site as MS101.

Unfortunately, SCO does not provide MSv4.2 for download. It does come
with SCO TCP/IP 1.2.1, so if you have that you should have a copy of the

Hugh Cruickshank, Forward Information Systems, Inc.

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