mkdev hd 3 IDA-0

mkdev hd 3 IDA-0

Post by ANdy Cioric » Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:24:44

hi there

I'm trying to attach a new scsi hd to an OSR505 with SMART-2SL array controller

the raid had been configured properly
so my attempt was
mkdev hd 3 IDA-0
which means that it would be fourth logical drive on the first ida controller.

the problem is that mkdev claims that:

Disk already configured as disk 1 (/dev/dsk/1s0)

During installation you may choose to overwrite all
or part of the present contents of your hard disk.

Do you wish to continue? (y/n) n
Aborting initialization procedure.

I'm not shure this is right choice because I've got already 3 disks attached
to this server (to raid controller) as well as several casa (storage array)
disks and I can't take the risk to overwrite existing disk config.

The question is: how could I check if /dev/dsk/1s0 isn't really used
by another disk?

In case it is, how do I lead mkdev to right choce?

Well, there is more general question: how to track which dev nodes files
are linked to particular logical drive?

please help me
Thanks in advance!

please, cc your replies to my mailbox 'cause I'm afraid to miss any of them


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went to another customer and looked on their system and there was no
such file there either.

At this point I stopped trying and resolved to seek the aid of the brain

Any ideas anyone? (Keeping in mind that setting up the hd is what I need
to do....)

Thanks, Dirk

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