Preventing double-backtabs on ODT 3.0

Preventing double-backtabs on ODT 3.0

Post by Rast » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I've got a Compaq ProLiant running ODT 3.0.  I use the standard 'ansi'
terminal type on the console.  For some reason, Shift+Tab generates a
two backtab sequences (Esc+[+Z) in a row.  It doesn't appear that any
other key does this.  It is kind of annoying in programs that use the
standard ansi terminal type; in Oracle*Forms for instance, you go back
two fields instead of one when Shift+Tab is pressed.

Anyone know why this happens?



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No one can possibly tell you much, not SCO or anyone else, since we don't
know if you are talking about drivers for a SCSI Host adapter, a sound
card, a video card, a serial port board, and whatever the case, the
manufacturer of the hardware, the model number of the hardware, and the
version number of the driver.


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