mmdf - syserr[25] - inappropriate i/o control operation

mmdf - syserr[25] - inappropriate i/o control operation

Post by Olaf Peter Faalan » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am having a problem with mail transfer between two machines using mmdf.
The erroris:

 smtp - SYSERR [25] (inappropriate i/o control operation) netread ...
 smtp - Connection Refused...

/usr/mmdf/log/chan.log on the sending machine shows the above error.  The
log on the "receiving" machine shows no entry - as if smtpsrvr has not been
forked/spawned at all. The confusing part is, I do not get this error if the
receiver gets its mail over the PPP connection (and the log shows the
smtpsrvr receiving the mail).  Only if it gets it over the ethernet
connection.  This machine used to accept mail via the ethernet connection
without a problem, before the PPP connection was set up and the
/etc/resolv.conf was created.

The PPP machine is 5.02.  The other machine is 5.04.

I have two SCO enterprise machines connected via ethernet, using the TCP/IP
protocol.  One is the server the users in my office log onto.  The second
has been set up to handle our internet e-mail.  The e-mail machine is 5.02,
with PPP set up; the mainmachine is 5.04.

Either suggestions, or referrals to a reputable company that is expert in
SCO networking & MMDF configuration greatly appreciated.  We would want
someone in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Did I see someone refer to getting
on-site help from SCO itself?

Please respond via e-mail as well as by posting.

thanks in advance,