MERGE in Open Server Release 5?

MERGE in Open Server Release 5?

Post by Tim Ruckl » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00

Quote:} [...]
} But sooner or later, the questions about money are going to come.
} If Lee (and, if memory serves, even Tim from within SCO) can't get
} the upgrade structure right in some cases, I can't see anyone else
} knowing it all, either.

Yes, I did not initially understand the Merge issue properly (though
I'm glad I was wrong ;^).  The keys to go from 3.0 products that
included Merge have been built to include an OpenServer Release 5
license for Merge.

There are some differences from the way upgrades were handled in the
past, and while I think these are positive changes it's a new deal that
one must learn.  We should have a Q&A available shortly to help address
this (and I am available as a wetwear version in the mean time ;^).

List price for an upgrade license is 20% of the list price of the
product you're upgrading to, plus a nominal previous version fee
($100 in the U.S.).  Media is sold separately, and the customer
only pays for the media they need (unlike the old days when multiple
systems meant boxes of redundant media piled up in the closet ;^).

And all the SCO OpenServer Release 5 products are on the upgrade
media kit (with the exception of floppies) so you can upgrade to
whatever you need (Desktop, Host or Enterprise Systems) from that
one CD-ROM.  Again, you only buy the media that you need: in fact
I think that if you are the only one ever installing your customers
upgrades you'd just need the one media kit (or kits if you had a
mix of both CD-ROM and tapes).

As in the past, CD-ROM is less expensive than tape which is less
expensive than floppies ($95/$195/$295 U.S.).

There's more than this included as well, but I'll hold off on trying
to explain that for now.  Hope that helps.



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