drivers for a cd-rom changer for SCO OpenServer 5.0

drivers for a cd-rom changer for SCO OpenServer 5.0

Post by David Gillesp » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi, we are trying to get a Pioneer cd-rom changer DRM-624x
connected to our SCO OpenServer 5.0 machine.  We have
checked the SCO Hardware compatibility Handbook and a
Pioneer drive, Pioneer DRM-604 is listed, under Software
Horizons.  As "Supported by vender with vendor-supplied
drivers".  We believe the DRM-624x and the DRM-604 are the
same drive but a little newer.  The big problem is finding
drivers for this cd-rom.  Pioneer doesn't have any drivers
listed and we were unable to find any drivers from Software
Horizons on the net.  It would be a great help if any
one could let us know were we could find some drivers
for a cd-rom changer.



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    Dear SCO users !

    I am russian engineer trying to install SCO OpenServer 5.0
I have a problem with installation procedure but SCO tech. support
can not help me. SCO Hardware Compatibility Handbook does not
describe my case.

    I have to use Toshiba T2130CT notebook and quad speed Panasonic
CD-ROM (KXL-D740). This CD-ROM is connected to notebook with SCSI
cable and PC Card (PCMCIA). It works fine with Windows-95 but
when I try to install SCO OpenServer I always have "No SCSI host
adapter was found..." I already tryed different  bootstrins but
have got no result.

    According to Hardware Compatibility Handbook it is possible
to install SCO on Toshiba notebooks but there were no any instructions
how to do it.

    Could you please help me to solve the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Nick Safronov

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