SCO Technical Articles released on 980127

SCO Technical Articles released on 980127

Post by RadleyRob » Thu, 29 Jan 1998 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's web site on 980127.  Each problem is preceded by the ASCII database command
to retrieve the relevant article, and the URL reference to get the same article
from the WAIS database.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

it -r os 3413  
PROBLEM:  I want to configure print services to an HP Jet Direct network
          printer. I configured it as an rlp and it is not working. How do I
          configure it?

it -r tta 3    
PROBLEM:  I'm running NIS on my network, but Tarantella only allows logins
          for users who are actually listed in /etc/passwd on the Tarantella
          server itself. Users who should be validated by NIS are not allowed
          to log in, and therefore do not have access to their webtops.

          At the same time, those same NIS user accounts are able to
          telnet or rlogin into the Tarantella server with those very
          account names and passwords, so it seems as if NIS is properly

it -r tta 4    
PROBLEM:  During the installation of Tarantella, the following messages
          are seen:

 # sh tarantella.shx
 Tarantella 1.0

       Setup is checking for disk space requirements...
       pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
           - bad format in datastream table-of-contents
       Broken Pipe
       Error installing tta. Installing has been aborted.
       Correct the above errors and try again.

it -r tta 5    
PROBLEM:  The Tarantella 1.0 Release Notes provide information on how to
          increase the UnixWare default memory limits, to allow Netscape 3.01
          to run without generating "out of memory" errors when using
          Tarantella.  The information provided explains how to do
          this using the System_Tuner, which is run from the UnixWare

          This article explains how to perform the same changes from the
          command line.

it -r vision 305
PROBLEM:  I want to retrieve the UNIX date and time stamp using the ODBC
          driver. In some cases, the ODBC driver does not support the "NOW"
          scalar function.  For example, SQL-Retriever supports NOW in Ingres,
          but not in Informix.