Problem with VSI-FAX.

Problem with VSI-FAX.

Post by Phil Gra » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am having a problem with VSI-FAX an wonder if anyone has a solution.

The software is installed under SCO UNIX r3.2 v4.2.

Sometimes, when a user exists from fxmemo by pressing F8, that
terminal locks up. The fxmemo process disappears but the underlying
login shell will not die even with 'kill -9 <pid>'

Incidentaly, I have been told by various people in the past that a
process cannot ignore a 'kill -9', anyone else had this?

This is bad, but for some reason this then prevents anyone else from
logging in. What happens is that when a user types a user name at the
login prompt, the system takes too long coming back with password that
the login times-out. I can only guess that VSI fax is hogging CPU
usage and that the system never gets round to processing the login in

I would appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Grace.