Vendor wars, a religious perspective.

Vendor wars, a religious perspective.

Post by Dale Walte » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

|>                      IBM             General motors
|>                      Microsoft       Ford
|>                      SCO             Chrysler
|>                      Linux           Jeep
|>                      NetBSD          Saturn
|>                      Interactive     Rambler
|>         People, they are businesses. Doing business. Not some second
|>         coming. If you look hard enough you can find faults with *every*
|>         one of them. They all have their strong points, and they all
|>         work.
|>         Can we get back to making what we are using work better and
|>         stop the 'tis 'tis not stuff for awhile?
|>         Bill Gates is putting Windows on damn near every desk in the
|>         country. SCO bought Unix Ware. Deal with it.
|>         Geeze..."On the net, it always September."
|>                                              J. Angus

'Nuff said!


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