** Raw character device vs. Block in AP/SCO **

** Raw character device vs. Block in AP/SCO **

Post by John Wo » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi ya all!
        i wonder if any of u guys out there knows anythinf on AP/SCO?

        u see... i installed me AP/SCO in an internal division in SCO
the problem's that AP wouldn't write to the charcter device but to the block
device!!! i.e. i have a division called "pick" thus i have "/dev/pick" and
"/dev/rpick" in my /dev directory right? one's a block device and the other's
a character device...

        usually, AP will use the character device i.e. /dev/rpick but for some
reasons... maybe SCSI?, maybe MYLEX RAID card?, i dunno?.... AP doesn't. it
can't write to /dev/rpick AT ALL!!!

        my solution was to use /dev/pick.. the block device... seems to work but i'm
afraid there'll be some trouble soon.... anybody got any experience in this?
what r the actual technical difference between the character device and block

        appreciate it if someone can help me here ;) ;) thanx ;) ;)

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